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What is Emar?

  • Care Consort’s eMAR is designed to replace your paper Mar sheets with an electronic system which will improve resident safety, and compliance with company protocol and policy.
  • Using our eMAR system staff can easily document whether a medication is given, receive alerts and reminders for missed or due medications, and have access to an automated auditing system to help with the monitoring of stock.

Emar Features

Improve efficiency with up to the minute record keeping in real time.
With an easy dashboard link, drop downs, and automated word fillers, our medication system couldn’t be easier to use.
View all medication records past and present from any device or location.
Help staff to keep track of important medication tasks.
Medication inventory supports staff to ensure that medications are administered according to prescription.
Manage doses and timeframes of PRN medications, confirm why the medication was given and outcome.


Benefits of Emar

  • Patient safety is improved and medication administration errors are virtually eliminated.
  • Maintain quality standards by reducing non compliance with regulators.
  • Eliminate incomplete or inaccurate documentation.
  • Managers/Service providers can be assured that all medication ordered timely. (2nd Point) clinical care relating to person centered plans are competently and accurately executed and documented.
  • Improve staff efficiency and communication by informing carers of all medications to be given in an organised manner
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