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  • Managing care staff, clients, contractual workers and security within a care setting can often be a challenge, demanding the most efficient systems to ensure easy tracking and performance monitoring across all areas.
  • Care Consort Task Manager has been designed to provide visibility of every task you and your team need to do to achieve compliance within your care home. (new line) developed to offer a clearer, more focused intelligence that makes it much more than a simple replacement for paper and pen.
  • Users workloads can be pre-planned, visible and managed easily to ensure that critical contractual requirements are completed each time.
  • Whether it be routine cleaning tasks, maintenance jobs or care delivery, Care Consort ensures that all those accountable know exactly what is required within a given timescale, with the ability for managers to set and track completion times.
The Care Consort dashboard allows you to view all your tasks at a glance, including projects, appointments, and associated actions. Click on a task to see more detail, and modify, set priority levels, estimated or actual completion dates and notes. Assign tasks to individuals at the outset or at any later point, with the added benefit of being able to reassign tasks to other team members.
Care Consort provides the facility to plan tasks within different categories to allow for an easier auditing process within one interface. Keep all team members notified of any changes with notes and messages and add details to any task that is created.
Stay organised and make sure things get off at the right time with planned start dates and times, whilst keeping to service and contract agreements with end dates and times.
Create a specific order of actions within tasks so that you can be sure set duties are carried out before a task is considered complete. This feature provides a more robust auditing system, and allows you to take a more practical approach with care or project management, before assessing your next steps.
Team members can report against an assigned task to provide progress information, and managers can get real time updates at a glance, to include the task’s status (whether in progress, deferred or completed).
SMS alerts and email notifications means you can update any group within the team of pending audits, tasks and messages, so you run less risk of failing service delivery and contractual agreements.
Obtain a complete overview of tasks accomplished so far and those not yet completed, for any location or team member. Use your personal dashboard to manage daily workloads by viewing timeframes and priority levels for due tasks.
Spend less time reminding people about necessary tasks. Once a task has been set and assigned it will appear on the user’s dashboard until marked as complete.

Whether you call them tasks or to-do’s, Care Consort helps you to stay organised…

  • Create tasks wherever and whenever from android or ios device
  • Set priority levels for tasks
  • Track task histories, with added comments or notes
  • Organise workload by assigning tasks to categories, person, or location
  • Set start dates, deadlines and times to any task and keep work on schedule
  • Add actions or subtasks to break complex tasks into easy, manageable actions
  • Add actions or subtasks to break complex tasks into easy, manageable actions
  • Use together with our scheduling system to set repeat tasks
  • Evidence effective work planning by managing routine task with a simple dashboard
  • Reassign tasks to different team members

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