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Social And Development Course For Residents

Social and Development Course for residents

It is rare to find a training provider focusing on the needs of those receiving care services such as, adults with mental health needs, those with learning disabilities and childrens services (14+).

Many of you are already supporting those in your care to gain important skills to allow successful re-enablement as part of your daily care delivery. However, it would be great to be able to formalise this assistance by enrolling them onto the nationally accredited Social and Personal Development course which focuses on the following 4 areas:

  1. Personal Care
  2. Introduction to Independence
  3. Healthy Living
  4. Development of Self

Care Consort is proud to be able to offer the Social and Personal Development course for service users in your care. The course is deliverable through the clients own online portal which promotes independence. Care staff have the ability to print out the workbooks and assist residents to complete the course.

You can easily upload evidence of learning into e-portfolios to improve accountability and transparency. The benefits to your residents with completing this course are improved confidence, learning new skills for independent living and improved opportunities.

Organisations that enrol residents on this course will benefit by formalising how well you are helping residents become more independent. Care staff can assist residents with the delivery of this unique course whilst completing their routine daily activities.

This course will suit those who may be reluctant or unable to go out to college but would still like to improve their skills and gain new qualifications.

With COVID 19 restricting the movement of many residents in care, the opportunity to gain relevant qualifications within their home environment is a great advantage and the type of innovation that the CQC/ OFSTED will be glad to see implemented by providers.

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