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Care Consort is an award winning care and quality management system (QMS) for Nursing Homes, Residential Care Homes, Supported Living Homes, Children’s Homes and Domiciliary Care Services.

Care Consort has integrated all the key requirements into CareSMART to ensure that your service exceeds the fundamental CQC regulations.

CareSMART is a suite of tools that ensure good governance, risk and compliance. We approach this from the viewpoint that competency and accreditation are key components of good governance.

Improving knowledge retention through more immersive learning experiences, for example by using VR, collaboration, and self directed learning significantly improves people’s ability to respond in difficult situations. 

This in turn lowers risk and improves compliance. Accreditation sets the bar higher and ensures consistency of quality through the robust accreditation process.

The strength of the evidence presented in audits measures compliance and  includes the experiences recorded by stakeholders.

CareSMART is uniquely positioned to provide your care practices with improved data security, unparalleled insights, and collaborative wisdom.

This is through our suite of tools: iLearn, iDocument, iAssess, iAudit, iGrowth, iReview, iRecruit, and iOnboard, iSupervise and iThrive.

Why choose CareSMART for your governance, risk and compliance needs:

Our mission is born from family values such as compassion, honesty, respect and justice. We are on a journey of commitment. It revolves around elevating governance with accreditation, improved security, and improved competency levels for everyone.

We tackle risk by innovating learning resources and qualifications with iLearn your dedicated learning system. We ensure compliance using our  auditing tools and experience management solutions such as, iAudit and iReview. 

Along with our partners, Citation, we fortify care services. We foster a culture of learning and a collaborative learning ecosystem within healthcare.

Our Mission

We believe in enhancing the quality of life for those receiving care services. We wake up every morning driven by a commitment to transform the care sector through innovative systems. 

Our purpose is not just about governance, risk and compliance; it’s about protecting care companies and ensuring they can deliver the best possible care. 

We do this because we understand that at the heart of every regulation and system, there’s a person whose life and well-being depend on the quality of care they receive. 

The most innovative systems and structures don’t just meet regulatory requirements; they drive improvements in care services, impacting lives positively.