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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the free trial work?

You can sign up and use the system and all of the features for 14 days. There is no credit card required for the first 14 days. If you want to continue after 14 days just add in your credit card information. There are no terms or contracts for the free trial, cancel any time before your trial ends.

Where is my data held and is it secure?

We use AWS servers based in Europe to hold your data. This network is architected to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices. These are the same servers used by many banks and other institutions where security is paramount.

Can I make changes to the information we capture to suit my business?

Yes you can edit any form or produce new forms based on your business processes.

Is there a limit on numbers of staff or locations?

The number of locations and users is unlimited

How does the support work?

The standard support package is email / telephone support 24/7/365

Is training included?

Training is normally done online via Skype. 1 hours online training is included in the set up costs.

The system is very easy to use so 1 hour is usually enough for most organisations.

If you require further training we have lots of training videos online and will always be happy to assist you with further online training if required until you are confident.

If you require any onsite training then the cost is £550 per day (plus expenses).

Does it work offline?

The mobile app allows offline functionality

Can I manage several multi-site operations with Care Consort?

Yes the system works well for both single site and multi site care providers

Is there a tie in?

There is no minimum contract but once your free trial ends and paid for service begins we require a written request for cancellation 30 days prior to the desired cancellation date.

What up time can I expect?

99.9% uptime

If I decide to leave how do we get our data?

We will export all your data to you.

Will it work on my phone or Mac?

Care Consort will work on any platform and any device with an internet access.


Is the system customisable?

Yes you can customise your experience

What modules are available with the system?

iLearn, iAssess, iRecruit, iOnboard, iReview, iSupervise, iThrive, iGrowth

Organisation Charting

Can be stored in company resources area

Email and other Alerts

Customisable forms that allow alerts sent according to your requirements


The dashboard can be configured to analyse any reports required

Point in time reporting

Reports generated as required.

Data import/export

Yes import / export via .csv

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Audits available for any aspect of your service

Document Management - scanning/uploading, retrieving and storage - How??

Scan and upload documents into repository and choose upload document and store into folders, Retrieval from documents folders and either download or view.

iDocument stands as a robust solution to the challenges posed by the evolving healthcare management landscape.

Its alignment with governmental cybersecurity strategies, ability to enhance healthcare delivery through efficient document management, suitability for hybrid work models, and facilitation of the transition to electronic document management make it an invaluable asset for healthcare providers.

Can the system integrate with other systems such as payroll or recruitment packages ?

We can integrate into most packages with an open API (additional work/cost might be required)


Can trainers verify staff attendance at training

Trainers can complete a staff registration form

Can individual staff members register for training on the system

Staff can enrol on a course and the date of enrolment will be displayed. This is in regard to adding students onto courses. Also they can enrol using an enrolment key so when they enrol for an online training course it records the date.

Can training attendance be captured in real time

We have an attendance activity report

Can the system issue certificates for successful completion of training

Yes this can be done

Can the system accommodate and make available a library of documents/ slides for each cours

Yes this can be done

Can the system update employee qualifications based on training attendance

Once it is marked as being completed it will update the training records accordingly

What on-line training courses does the system have

You have access to 100s of online resources. Some of these are free and some paid.


How does the system handle Group/Multi Home Reporting

The system has been built for multi site operators

Overview of out of hours support

Email support after 5pm Monday to Friday with 4 hour response

Does the system allow data entry if not online?

App allows offline entry for certain parts of the system

Is the system Cloud Based

Care Consort is a cloud based solution

Has the system an open API

We do not have an open API but can integrate into many other packages (additional work/cost might be required)

Can access to the system be limited to IP addresses

Yes, it can.

Can the System be customised to user/company preferences

Dashboard can be customised

Is the system compatible with Android and Apple Tablets & Phones

The system works across all platforms

Can we input our own Assessments with associated alerts

Yes this can be done

Can the system generate Regulator reporting to specific templates

Links to the regulatory forms can be added to any form that you require completing

Is the system sold in modules or all in one

Let us know your needs and we build it around that

Can the Home page of the System be customised dependant on User

The dashboard can be customised dependent on the user

Can the system accommodate and make available a library of documents/ slides for each course

Yes this can be done

Does the system have an Auditing function that can be adapted to local requirements

Yes, audits can be customised to suit your environment enabling you to assign, track and monitor service performance and key business metrics.