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Care Consort’s Key Solutions

Care Consort is structured around the following areas providing all the essential tools required to run a quality care service:

People Management

We cover the whole lifecycle of a company recruitment and retention process. Applicants complete your online application form and upload all their documents and certification onto the platform.

Your HR manager is alerted when a new applicant applies and is able to automate the recruitment process according to your procedures.

In order to ensure you have happy staff that stay longer we have a built in Staff Recognition Module.

Recruitment Manager

  • Candidates can apply directly from your website using our online application pack.
  • Candidates then upload all relevant documents e.g. training certificates, photo, proof of address onto the platform etc
  • Notifications are sent to you when new applications come through .
  • Easily track compliance of the staff on-boarding process.
  • Interviews can be conducted virtually via our Skype integration tool.
  • ‘At a glance’ staff information using dynamic filters.
  • Two factor authentication and encrypted files.

Talent Recognition Module

  • Keep track of high performing staff easily
  • Improves staff motivation
  • Evidence based staff promotions

Learning Plans

  • Onboard staff effectively by mapping out their training and development.
  • At a glance view of how staff are achieving their training goals.
  • Create learning plans for career progression (e.g Inductions, Trainee Managers etc.)
  • Complete our integrated competency checks based around the individuals learning plans
  • Create timelines for achieving learning goals with reminders and notifications sent on completion

Tracks completion of courses.

Career Pathways

  • Map out standardised training pathways for your staff development e.g progression pathway from senior support worker to manager.
  • Upload course/workshop schedule and structure and attach course material onto the program.
Supervisions & Appraisal Modules
  • Can be conducted virtually and recorded within the platform
  • Unique goal focused template
  • Notifications for due dates
  • Shortens the supervision process
  • Supervision calendar with integrated booking system
  • Reminders sent when supervisions become overdue

Course Creation & Course Management

  • Quickly create any course you require depending on the needs of your service.
  • Incorporate videos, gamification, exams and resources into courses.
  • Full reporting on grades achieved and staff progress

Kick Start Care Course Pack

  •  Safeguarding Leads Training – Includes Roles and Responsibilities, Mental Capacity Act, DOLS + lots more
  •   General Training – Includes Autism Awareness , Learning Disabilities Awareness + lots more
  •   Induction Training – Includes mandatory training, e.g. Safeguarding Adults & Children, Infection Control & Food Hygiene, Health & Safety + lots more
Scheduling (3rd Party Integration)
  • Roster staff
  • View schedule
  • Time and Attendance monitoring

Care Management

The care plan is at the heart of the care zone. Clients and (if they want) their family members can have their own portals.

Daily notes

  • Staff can record all daily records quickly on their mobiles.

Key working

  • Our Unique I.N.S.P.I.R.E key working module has been inspired and developed through collaboration with research undertaken by Kings College London.
  • The key working process has been built around the recovery model of care.

Personal Health Tracker

  • Record blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc. Automatic alerts if levels our outside of safe levels according to the individual’s thresholds.

Risk Assessment Module

  • Customisable risk assessments suitable for all environments.

Health & Safety Checks

  • Track all aspects of your Health & Safety procedures

Competency Checks

  • Set the competencies that require tracking which allows you to deliver evidence led quality services.
EMM (Electronic Medication Management)
  • Quick to learn and easy to use
  • Fully compliant with NICE guidlines
  • Mirrors care home Mar system
  • Integrates with Pharmacy
  • Includes vital signs checker
  • Sends alerts when stock is low
  • Sends notifications for missed, late and erroneous medication

Care Plans

  • Person – Centered care plans that are fully customisable.
  • Clients can be more involved in their care planning through their own portal.
  • Clients can choose to include their families in the care plan. Our family portal will then enable them to become part of the care planning process.

Handover reports

  • Easy to record handovers for each shift keeping all staff informed.

Initial Assessment Records

  • Carry out initial assessments quickly and easily

Discharge Summary

  • Manage discharges easily and automatically alert the relevant departments when clients move on.


  • Create surveys to access quality at your service, eg. client surveys, staff surveys and family surveys.

Service Audits

  • Integrated customisable KLOE Audit
  • Create any audit your organisation requires (eg. OFSTED, Medication etc)
  • Upload your own audits functionality  
  • Assign and track audit actions to staff
  • Automated scoring of audits
  • Comprehensive audit reports

Operational Management

Values are the key here. We ensure that you have the processes in place to ensure your values stay at the forefront of your service

Form Builders

  • You can quickly and easily create any form for your business that you require using our unique form builder.

Incident & Accident Management

  • Incidents are recorded and evidence uploaded into the report. The manager is automatically notified when an incident is reported.

Company Resources

  • All company resources such as document depository, directories, employee handbook and statement of service are uploaded here.

Video Conferencing

  • Integrated with Skype
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams
  • Integrates with Zoom


  • Communicate events and values through forums


  • Create Blogs and Vlogs

Policies and Procedures

  • Upload policies and assign to your staff. You will also have full visibility over when the staff actually read the policy.

Registration Database

  • Register staff and clients easily


  • Upload Managers Reflections Podcasts
  • Company News Podcasts


  • Record and document meeting minutes along with our unique meetings manager which allows you to easily assign tasks & actions to staff and track progress on these actions with alerts and notifications.


  • Create company newsletters and distribute to all stakeholders.
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