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iAssess for PAs

PA Standardised Competency Assessment & Training


  • Access a community of knowledge
  • Standardise your learning
  • Enhanced engagement through collaboration and gamification?

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CareSMART Talent Management Solutions for Social Care

Proven talent management software and solutions to hire, retain, and grow quality talent.

We help you navigate the complexities of talent management.

Quality talent equates to quality healthcare delivery.
Effectively identifying, onboarding, and managing talent across your enterprise is the key to achieving the best outcomes—for the people you care for, your staff, and business. Care Consort is the partner you need to move your staff forward in today’s social care environment with CareSMART.

We focus on the needs of the people for whom you provide care, your employees’ needs and data-driven insights, enabling us to bring a human element to the science of talent management.

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  • Interview Candidates Audio-Visually – Wherever they are
  • Conduct Virtual Interviews
  • Share video interviews with the members of your recruitment panel
  • Involve the people you care for in the interview process

Become an approved learning center

  • Build an accreditation package around your needs
  • Identify staff deficiencies
  • Take action to train your staff in the deficient areas
  • Record and report on deficiencies and training completed
  • Develop staff talent continuously
iLearn: An Accredited System of Continuous Learning
  • Our expert team of nurses/OTs and social workers supervise your organisations NIs, RIs, Managers & Directors.

  • Modernize the way you evidence outcomes with iAudit advanced reporting features
  • Increase visibility with simplified tracking of all CQC and Ofsted audits
  • Defend CQC and Ofsted audits by reviewing, responding to, and appealing all audit activity
    iAudit: Operational Excellence Informed by Collective Experience
  • Protect revenue and reduce future risks
  • Automate workflow to simplify compliance with audit requests
  • Accelerate audit resolution by improving documentation requests and tracking documentation necessary for successful appeals
  • Flip the switch for a learning & innovation culture
  • Assess employees, every day
  • Access a community of knowledge
  • Standardise your learning
  • Enhance engagement through collaboration and gamification
  • Reduce the time to induct and onboard staff

  • Establish a single induction process for all staff with iOnboard
  • Standardise the induction process for all staff.
  • Decrease induction time
  • Authenticate induction knowledge and understanding easily
  • Streamline the onboarding process and reduce HR administration resources

  • Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents
  • Controlled access, task lists, and email notifications
  • Staff can handle daily responsibilities more efficiently
  • Decision-makers can approve, reject or request more information along checkpoints in all your processes.

  • iThrive:  Empower to Employ: Pathways from Care to Career

  • Our course, offers a transformative journey for young people transitioning from care to the workforce. Designed with inclusivity at its heart, this program bridges the gap between care and employment through tailored training, mentorship, and support networks.

Experience Management

Values are the key here. We ensure that you have the processes in place to ensure your values stay at the forefront of your service

Stakeholder Experience Management

  • engagement surveys for all your stakeholders


Reputation Management

iGrowth: Improving Reputation

  • Improved Engagement

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